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Seacoast Yachts’ agents are the slip experts and will help you acquire the slip you need.

Obtaining a slip and transferring your boat in is often a complicated process. Seacoast Yachts is the most respected and knowledgeable broker in the harbor to guide your transaction successfully and represents the largest inventory of slips available.

Keeping Your Boat in Santa Barbara Harbor

It is very common to acquire a slip in Santa Barbara Harbor by purchasing a boat already assigned to a slip and obtaining the slip through a permit transfer. The slip usually represents an additional cost on top of the asking price of the boat. The Harbor is municipally owned, so it is the permit to use the slip that is being purchased. Occasionally, slips without boats are available. In addition to the cost of purchasing the interest in the unsecured property (the slip permit), you pay a one-time transfer fee, a security deposit, and monthly slip rental fee to the city. There are also annual property taxes, based on the market value of the slip, payable to Santa Barbara County.


How much do slip permits cost?

All slips are owned by the City of Santa Barbara Waterfront Department. They issue slip permits that may be transferred from one owner to the next, generally at a market price. When a permit is transferred, the City collects a one-time Transfer Fee of $525 per measured foot of vessel or slip, whichever is greater. Transfer Fees have been capped at $200 per foot for 20′ slips, $350 per foot on 25′ slips, and $400 per foot on 28′ & 30′ slips. Scroll down for the monthly fees. To determine your exact transfer fee and your monthly slip fees, the Harbor Patrol will physically measure everything above and below the waterline with a plumb bob from tippy tip front to tippy tip back, as well as side to side. They do not go by your boat manufacturer’s overall length (LOA) or beam, so it is very important know your vessel’s true measurements. Different slips allow different maximum overages. Check with Seacoast for the right slip for your vessel and current market values.

Can I live aboard my boat?

You may live aboard your boat if you have a live aboard permit, of which the city allows 113. You must have a boat and slip permit in your name in order to apply for a live aboard permit. Please check with our office to find out if there are permits currently available. The monthly fee, once acquired, is $120, and includes water & electricity. Depending on your exact location, cable television, high speed internet, and a phone line may be available. If you do not have a live aboard permit, you may stay on your boat 3 nights per week and 60 vacation days per year.

Security Deposit

A security deposit, equivalent to two months of slip rent, is due to the city at the time of transfer. Annual Unsecured Property Taxes are approximately 1.1% of what the county estimates the market value of the slip to be. Call Seacoast Yachts for more information on slips in Santa Barbara Harbor (805) 962-8195.


Magnificent mountain and island views, fabulous boating year ‘round, and a full service marina within walking distance of downtown… welcome to Santa Barbara!

Current Slip Inventory

Seacoast Yachts can help you acquire a Santa Barbara Harbor slip.

Available Slips in the Santa Barbara Harbor:
[updated 7/14/2021]

  • 43′ Slip Marina 4 *Sale Pending*
  • 60′ Slip Marina 1 *Sale Pending*

Please contact Seacoast Yachts for current slip inventory.

Monthly Fees for Slip Permit Holders

Slip fees are per foot based the length of boat or slip, whichever is greater.

Slip Fees (EFFECTIVE 7/1/21):

  • 20′ slips @ $9.50
  • 25’ slips @ $9.94
  • 28’ slips @ $10.19
  • 30’ slips @ $10.42
  • 35’ slips @ $10.88
  • 40′ slips @ $11.33
  • 43’ slips @ $11.60
  • 45’ slips @ $11.78
  • 50’ slips @ $12.23
  • 60’ slips @ $13.29
  • 70′ slips @ $14.41
  • 80′ slips @ $15.63
  • 90′ slips @ $16.95
  • 100′ slips @ $18.39


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