Rick Christensen | Seacoast Yachts

I have been boating for 40 years around Channel Islands, both sail and power. Starting out in Sunfish and Sabots, my family later had a 32′ Luhrs that we fished and dove the local islands. At 15, I began commercial fishing, followed by tournament sport fishing, then later both local and long-distance offshore sailboat races. My wife and I lived aboard our first cruising sailboat from 1992 to 2001, also spending 2 years cruising it to Mexico, Marquises Islands, Tuomotus, Tahiti, French Polonaise, Tonga, New Zealand.  We recently rented out our home and moved aboard our new 60′ ketch, preparing for what we hope to be a circumnavigation in the near future with our 2 children.  Over 15 years of helping clients find their dream boats and selling when the time is right, I am fortunate to combine my personal love for boating with my profession.