Doug Oliver, Buyer, Midnight Sun, Ocean Alexander 50

Ocean Alexander 50

I purchased a 1986 Ocean Alexander 50 located in Santa Barbara through Greg Weil at Seacoast Yachts. We live on an island in BC, Canada and are moving over to power from a 40 ft sailboat. Greg saw the process through to conclusion even with the obstacle of needing certain survey items done to satisfy the insurance company before the delivery voyage north. He made sure everything was taken care of and kept us informed all through the process.

Bringing the boat across the border was really easy, in part because of the thoroughness of the paperwork that Greg had provided. 1200 nautical miles, most of which was open ocean, and the boat performed great! Since home, we’ve already used it most weekends and look forward to a fabulous summer of boating in our islands.

I have to say that I am totally impressed with the high level of very professional service provided by Greg at Seacoast Yachts.