Rich VanOrsdal, Meridian 368 ACMY

Rick Van Orsdai happy client

Rick and I go back a few years. He sold our Perry 47 Cutter in 2010 and when it was time to return to boats, I naturally called him to assist.

After listening to our wants and needs, Rick set up showings of boats we thought would meet our requirements. Rick knew our style and taste, knew what would meet our experience level. He never once showed us something that didn’t fit our parameters and/or budget. We decided fairly quickly and needed to move even quicker getting through the process of buying. Rick got it, and arranged haul-out, survey, including engine survey w/oil samples, and sea-trials on the same day!! Not my first rodeo, and I’ve never seen the process go so fast and smoothly. Rick managed all promptly and with professionalism. Delivery was done with detail and consideration.

That’s the way boat buying should go. With the right salesman, who understands the “art of the deal,” the processes involved, and the understanding that a “good deal” is where both buyer and seller are happy at the conclusion. Rick Christensen IS that right guy.